Hip roses

Every rose has its thorn; except ours!!

For over 25 years we have been breeding with thornless roses as one of the main targets. As a result we have a line of roses that produce excellent thornless rose hip branches with good resistance against diseases like mildew and other diseases. The sorts have a a very structured way of growing and are generally easy to grow. They allow us to grow almost  without the use of chemical pesticides and other chemicals. Due to their natural health some sorts qualifty for organic farming. 

Well known varieties are Plenty®, Fair Jewel® and Sanne®, but we are introducing more and exciting varieties who are available for professional growers. PRO is working closely with Kwekerij De Pol, Scherpenzeel, Holland. Please contact Kwekerij De Pol if you are interested in growing our hip roses. We posted a small film on youtube to show how we grow rose hips.

rose hip harvest at Kwekerij De Pol, Scherpenzeel, the Netherlands

  Rose hips ready for transport to the Aalsmeer auction