We are breeding thornless organic ornamental rosehips.

After rose rootstock Hip roses are our second largest product. In fact: we believe we are the only breeders in the world with a strong focus on ornamental thorneless rosehips. Production, quality and beauty are our Number One target objectives but thornlessness and “organic farming readyness” are also key properties. Our clients are professional flower growers. We do not sell directly to consumers.

Rosehip stems ready for harvest (variety: Plenty)

Our varieties can be grown in all areas where one can grow apples. This makes them suitable for moderate and cold climates but not for warm and tropical climates. A number of succesful varities are named Plenty, Fair Jewel and Sanne have been available on the Dutch auctions for years now and are populair.

Harvested, sorted and ready for transport to the florists!

Availability and Diversity

In Europe rosehips are available from mid August till early November. This makes them the ideal “start of season” product. The diversity in shape, colours etc. is huge as one can see on the image below. This picture was taken late September.

A selection of numbers ready for further trials.


Once you have worked with thornless rosehips you understand the advantages. No thorns means huge advantages for the whole chain from grower till end consumer. It is:

  • Faster: harvesting, sorting, processing in the flowershop, it is all easier
  • Safer: no small or bigger cuts, no ruined clothes etc.
  • Better: no damage during harvest, transport and processing

Some inspiration:

Vase with Plenty
Rosehip wreaths: much loved in autumn

A small video of one season at our rosehip farm: from planting young candidates till harvest and processing in autumn:

If you are interested please contact Peter van de Pol Jr. (details at the bottom of the linked page)