Why use PRO Rootstocks?

There are many reasons to use PRO rootstocks instead of older varieties like Natal Briar or even own rooted cuttings. The simplest way to describe the effect is that PRO brings the effect of CO2 without the CapEx.

Higher yield

Due to enhanced root efficiency the plants will produce more biomass. This will be either more, thicker or longer stems. In general 10-30 % more yield expressed in kg/m2 is possible. Depending on the rootstock – variety combination this means either:

  • more stems
  • more length
  • heavier stems

or a combination of the above. 

Healthier plants

PRO rootstocks allow the plants to grow much more vital. This results in less stressed healthier plants. As a result we see:

  • Less agrobacterium
  • Lower use of chemicals
  • Stronger plants in general
  • Less plants per hectare: growers have found that they can plant less plants per hectare with the same or better results. This allows the roses to fully develop and grow strong. We generally advise to plant 6,5/7,5 plants m2 depending on the location, the rose variety and the greenhouse technology used.

Better control

  • More efficient roots means healthier plants that have better prune resistance and are less sensitive for diseases.
  • Easier to maintain and more control: for example cutting down the “table” after a few years is much easier and has less impact on the plants

Well tested and reliable

Our rootstocks like Protatu (PRO3) are not new.  All rootstocks have been tested for more than 7 years on commercial farms in Africa and the Netherlands prior to introduction. At ProRoot Kenya we keep a bed of Sonrisa which is now 15 years old and still producing!

As of today we have experience with hundreds of varieties both in commercial plantings or trials. We are happy to advise you on the best rootstock for the variety you want to plant.

Highly Sustainable: Less Energy needed, the effect of CO2 without the investments

The extra yield Protatu (PRO3) is a significant help for growers to produce more energy efficient and to maximise their yield without extra technical installations.  Protatu produces very good in colder environments when most own-rooted roses or rootstocks like Natal Briar simply stop of slowdown.

This means growers can either produce more with the same energy input or around the same with significant lower energy input. More information on sustainability through PRO rootstocks on this page.


Our rootstocks are available for commercial rose growers. Please contact us or one of our distributors & partners if you are interested. Our distributors are happy to show you around in the show houses in the Netherlands, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Colombia and India.

Vendela on Protano vs. cuttings
Visual difference: left Vendela on Protatu, on the right cuttings. Both rows were planted the same day.